120-Hour Certification

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Class 7 2020

A look at our face-to-face online classroom

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All 120-Hour Courses cover the following sections:

Part 1: Teaching Skills

  • Lesson Planning

  • Classroom Management

  • Methodology

  • Teaching Productive Skills

  • Teaching Receptive Skills

  • Evaluation and Testing

  • Teaching New Language

  • Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology

  • Teachers and Learners

  • Equipment and Teaching Aids

  • Course Books and Materials

  • Teaching Special Groups

Part 2: Language Awareness

  • Parts of Speech

  • Present Tenses

  • Past Tenses

  • Conditionals and Reported Speech

  • Additional Grammar

Part 3: Teaching Online

  • Introduction

  • Equipment

  • Setting up your Classroom

  • Selecting and Using Props

  • Teaching Techniques

  • Motivating Students

  • Demo Lesson and Example

  • Conclusion

Part 4: Practicum

(not applicable to self-study students, only part-time and full-time students.)

  • In-Person and Online Lesson Observations

Students watch multiple lessons over the duration of the course. Evaluations are completed to help students reflect on elements of different lessons.

  • Demo Lesson Recording

Students prepare and record a short lesson based on an example recording. This task helps one become familiar with the technical aspects of teaching online - confidence is key.


  • Practicum Lesson (In-Person or Online)

Lesson plans are created for each practicum that the student completes.



The Course Evauation comprises of 3 final tests- Methodology, Phonology, & Grammar. You will answer 25 multiple choice questions for each test, and you need to achieve 70% minimum per test to pass.

After sufficient preparation, you will complete a final practical lesson either in-class or online (depending on your needs). The practical is applicable to face-to-face and part-time course students only. Practical experience tasks are not included in the self-study course.

Check out the main course info page for the registration process and an example of what your certificate would look like!