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 What sets us apart from other TEFL and TESOL Institutes? 


1. Catered Practical Experience

Have you decided whether you will be teaching abroad or online yet? Either way, you'll be confident to do both - since we provide practical experience teaching real English learners face-to-face, as well as using online teaching software. You will complete 3 practicums in total, 1x face-to-face, 1x online and the 3rd will be based on which specialty you choose.

3. Qualified & Experienced Tutors

Our global training work has not only given our trainees unforgettable experiences in different countries, but it has also helped our organization develop unmatched expertise of the requirements of different countries.  Over the years, we have successfully developed a network of contacts, schools and recruiters that are ready to serve our trainees when needed.

2. Both Face-to-face & Online

Courses Available

If you would like to attend a face-to-face TESOL course, we have branches in East London and Port Elizabeth who run these courses once a month, in both the mornings and evenings. If you are based elsewhere, we also have various distance course options available. This means you can obtain your TESOL certification with us from anywhere around the world!

4.  College-level Program

Our program uses the same teacher training textbooks as acclaimed four-year colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Our course content matches their programs; this makes our TEFL/TESOL certification absolutely compatible with the college level.  This is one of the reasons why our graduates are hired by the most prominent, quality English schools around the world.

5. Lifetime job support and assistance

Many TEFL and TESOL Institutions pay little-to-no attention to making sure you are truly ready to be employed by an English school abroad or online. In addition to ensuring that you are educated on TESOL theory, have practical experience and are confident to actually teach - we do our absolute best to ensure that you actually get the job.

We pay great attention to "getting the job" during the course period, down to assisting you in CV creation, preparing you for your job interviews and demos and pointing you in the right direction in terms of who is currently hiring. Unlike other course providers, when you leave us - you will walk out with the perfect demo lesson video which you can start sending to potential employers straight away. Thereafter, you will receive lifetime support from our recruitment head and join our network of alumni where we share industry tips, have an up-to-date job board and peers to converse with.



 Our Vision Statement  

We provide universal access to the world’s best education. 


Together with all its locations throughout the world, International TEFL Training Institute is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all its endeavours.  We aspire to  be an exceptional English teacher certification program by offering access to the industry and opportunity for all, valuing integrity in our actions, and providing quality service to all of our students.

 Our Mission Statement  

 Arrive with your goals and dreams, and leave with the means to achieve them. 


iTTi is one of the world's most distinctive and distinguished learning environments for aspiring English teachers. We recognise the importance of our location in different countries throughout the world and seek to link our research and teaching to the vast resources of a globalized world.  We seek to attract a highly qualified faculty in the field of teaching English as a foreign language and a diverse student body based on their native or acquired English skills.  


We further seek to promote research and teaching of English around the world and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions.  We expect all areas of the Institute to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and to convey excellent professionals in the field of teaching English as a foreign language to the world.

 Our Values  


We aspire for high accomplishments and professional growth while holding ourselves fully accountable for delivering on our commitments.


We are committed to creating a community of cultural competence, diversity, inclusion, and opportunity by embracing wide breadth of resources, skills, and knowledge.


We collaborate, communicate openly, share resources, listen to one another and recognize each other's contributions.


We are passionate about promoting quality, innovation, and safety to achieve world-class quality in the delivery of EFL/ESL classes among our student body.


We foster a culture of the highest ethical standards, trust, and honesty.


Pride takes our various roles and responsibilities into consideration and provides a universal, core belief system that we all can apply to our work in unique ways.



iTTi South Africa 's certificate is internationally recognised and accredited by numerous independent, international bodies. Your certificate will come with a unique reference code that can be searched in a database to prove it's international validity and legitimacy. For more information on our accrediting bodies, please feel free to read through the 'learn more' button below. Here you will find our membership numbers/references and have each body introduced in detail to you. When presenting an iTTi South Africa TESOL certification, you're backed by the best in the industry.

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